Large File Sharing

Share files too big for email using eFax

Imagine how frustrating it is when you try to send a file to a colleague — presentation, high resolution image, video or audio clip — but it’s too big for email. With large file sharing from eFax®, you will never have that problem again.

Forget the bounced back emails. Forget waiting for slow emails to deliver important files. Using our large file sharing feature, you can:

  • Share large files easily — up to 3GB at a time!
  • Share any file format or even a zipped set of files (for presentations, high-resolution images, video, audio, documents, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Share frequently with the ability to use up to 75 sends per month
  • Send a secure link to your files to 20 email addresses at once
  • Your files will be available for 90 days before they expire
  • Track your recipients’ downloads with email notification.


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Benefits of Large File Sharing from eFax

Large file sharing can be integrated seamlessly into your business to easily improve collaboration, save time and money.

Large File Sharing from eFax

Improve collaboration:

No more getting stalled on a project because you can’t figure out how to share a presentation, image, spreadsheet or other large file with colleagues. Recipients don’t even have to be registered with eFax.

Using eFax’s large file sharing feature, you can upload up to 3GB of files to eFax, then send a link to your team for secure download. eFax even notifies you when recipient(s) access the file(s) you share. No bounce-backs. No email delays. Immediate collaboration!

Save Time with Large File Sharing on eFax

Save time:

eFax lets you share one large file or several simultaneously — by sending a secure download link to up to 20 email addresses at once.

So even if you’re working on a project with a large team, you’ll know you can get your large files into their hands at the same time.

Save Money with eFax

Save money:

Because large file sharing is included with your eFax service, you won’t need to find an FTP solution to manage your online file transfers. Our servers will store your files and make them available for download when required.

Using Large File Sharing is Easy

With large file sharing, you can get that large file to your colleagues in just a few clicks through your eFax account online.

  • 1. Log into eFax and click Share Large File. Then enter recipients’ email addresses. You may add up to 20 at a time.
  • 2. Click Upload Files and select the file(s) you want to share. You can add multiple files — up to 3GB total.
  • 3. eFax will send your recipient(s) a secure link where they can access your files. And we’ll email you when they download the files.

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