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Experience the fastest and most convenient way to sign and send faxes with eFax® using your Android phone or tablet.

Sign a contract by simply swiping your finger across the screen to close a deal from wherever you are.

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4 Ways The eFax App Works For You

Now you can take your business on the run and close deals using your Android phone or tablet. Discover how the intuitive interface of the Android fax app lets you view, edit, sign and send a fax quickly and easily from any location.

Send a Fax

Being able to send a fax quickly and easily from your phone or tablet is a huge time-saver. Whether you’re on the road, at home or in the office, the Android fax app gets your time-sensitive documents such as invoices or contracts delivered on time.

Simply open the eFax app, attach your fax document and enter your recipient’s contact information either manually or from your contact list. Then hit "Send" to deliver your fax.

“Until this app, there was no free, easy way to send a fax with a smartphone.”

Matt C.
Send a fax from your Android phone to anyone, anywhere with eFax®.

Sign a Fax

Need a contract signed? The eFax app offers two ways to conveniently sign faxes electronically. Using your Android, you can snap a photo of your handwritten signature or simply choose to swipe your finger across the screen.

Once you’re done creating a signature, simply insert it into your fax document, and then reposition and resize the signature image to your liking. You can even save your signature to be stored for later use.

“We need this to run our business from everywhere”

Emily G.
Sign documents you want to fax right from your Android phone with the eFax® mobile app.

Take a Photo and Fax

Now you can take pictures of fax documents with the Android’s built-in camera and send them at once.

Using your phone or tablet, simply snap a photo of the physical document you would like to fax. The software will compress the camera phone images into clear, readable PDF documents making it easy to send. Just point, shoot and fax!

“Indispensable Business Tool.”

Catherine B.
Take a picture of any document and fax it with the eFax® Android app.

Share Files

Attaching documents to send has never been easier. The Android mobile fax app is fully integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive and other third party cloud storage apps. Now you can securely attach and send faxes directly from the cloud, making it easier to retrieve your PDF files from wherever you are so you can close a deal quickly.

“I like having an office in my back pocket!”

Kenny H.

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Fax documents from Google Drive, iCloud, Box and Dropbox with the eFax® app for Android.

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