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With summer just around the corner, the travel industry is expected to have an increase in business. People are booking flights, hotels, cruises and working with travel agents to plan the perfect trip. According to American Express, almost 140 million Americans (59%) are planning a summer vacation. A study by The U.S. Travel Association showed that in 2010, $1.8 trillion in economic output was generated by domestic and international visitors in the U.S.

How can your hospitality company take advantage of the summer spike in tourism? Here are 3 ways:

  1. Appeal to Your Visitors - According to American Express, 22% of travelers would like to incorporate their hobbies and interest into their travel experience. Whether it is a cooking class, hiking outing, or even a fitness class, make activities available to your guests.
  2. Go Global and Look LocalAn online fax by computer service like eFax offers toll-free numbers as well as numbers available in 49 countries worldwide. Use a toll free number to make your small tourism business look larger. You can use a local area code to promote local attractions and regional destinations.
  3. Amp Up Customer Service – Potential customers could be turned off by poor customer service or even a lack of customer service. Being available to your customers is important in maintaining a strong company reputation. A virtual phone number can help you do this by forwarding calls to different numbers that you set up, so every call gets answered.

By moving your business operations away from hardware and towards cloud services, you can cut costs and be more scalable and mobile. With the right mix of cloud services you can enjoy a great summer travel season for your hospitality business!