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Online Faxing is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Monday, November 13, 2017

If you’re like most professionals and small business owners, then you’re probably all too aware of the challenges that can be associated with faxing. There’s waiting in line for your archaic fax machine to become available, as well as contending with routine paper jams and misfeed error codes. The entire process can have you searching for an alternate solution.

Before you log in to your email account to send your sensitive data over an unsecure network, consider the benefits of online faxing instead.

Online Faxing vs. Regular Email

Online faxing is a private, speedy and secure way for you to send and receive your faxes by email. You can fax directly from your PC or using secure mobile fax apps on your phone. Just as email is hosted by service providers like Google, online faxing is hosted by service providers like eFax. The difference is that online faxing—unlike regular email—benefits from advanced data encryption and storage.

The process of sending faxes over the internet is carried out in much the same way as regular email, except instead of sending your files to another email address, you send them to a traditional fax machine. The online fax transfer process itself is the same as sending email: open a new email message, and then attach your file using an accepted file format, such as PDF or TIF. Once transmission is complete, your file will print out to your recipient’s fax machine as a regular fax.

Getting Started with Online Faxing

1. Find the Best Value

The key to scoring big with online faxing is paying only for what you need. To do this, you’ll need to determine the number of faxes your business typically sends and receives in a month. For example, is your company likely to send 100 or 400 faxes a month? Knowing your company’s monthly fax usage is the key to maximizing your plan options.

The next thing you want to think about when it comes to value is pricing. Online fax service providers typically offer two main options: month-to-month plans and annual plans. While month-to-month plans are competitively priced, paying in advance for the full year (based on a set monthly cost) will deliver the greatest savings.

Tip — Before signing up, ask whether your new service provider offers free fax numbers.

2. Choose an Expert in Online Faxing

In an enterprise or small business that sends and receives sensitive data—such as tax returns, contracts and invoices—data security and privacy is a major concern. eFax offers advanced data encryption technology that protects your data during transmission, while storage security technology safeguards it when at rest.

3. Send, Receive and Store Your Faxes

Online faxing lets you send, receive and store faxes from any web-enabled device. You can do this by logging in on your PC or by using mobile fax apps. Mobile apps work with today’s most popular phones, including Android and iPhone. They allow you to perform all the functions of online faxing, but without having to directly log in to your email.

eFax’s Android and iOS mobile apps offer lifetime fax storage. They also allow you to retain 24/7 access to all your sent and received faxes for the lifetime of your account, without worrying about devastating data losses.

Tip — Check the data security and privacy laws in your state to ensure you’re holding onto your files for the state mandated length of time.

Rather than wasting time sending faxes via an archaic fax machine, step into the 21st century and begin sending and receiving your sensitive data from your phone or PC. Sign up for eFax today.