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Cloud services like internet faxing can keep employees connected over great distances. Digitally sharing documents may be even more important in 2013 because business travel is expected to increase.

The U.S. Travel Association recently estimated that the number of business trips will rise by nearly 1 percent in 2013. The association also forecasts even greater growth for 2014.

Companies must give their staffers the tools to stay connected when they're working remotely during trips. Cloud services allow employees to share, view and edit documents when they aren't in the same office. Collaboration tools make it simple for teams to work together and ensure that everyone has access to relevant information.

An online fax service can be a valuable asset during client meetings as well. Representatives can ask new customers to sign contracts on touchscreen devices and digitally fax the documents back to corporate headquarters. Sending agreements through a dedicated channel is more secure than attaching files to emails and faster than waiting to file contracts in the office.

Travel is a key part to continued success in the corporate arena. Digital tools can help companies maximize the potential of every business trip.